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About us

Družina Publishing House is Slovenia's main Catholic publisher and the nation's third largest. It has been successfully present on the market since 1952.

The Družina Weekly – our mainstay publication, which has been around for sixty-five years and was the only »opposition« newspaper during the country's socialist period – ranks second in sales among Slovenia's weeklies and first among readers aged between fifty and seventy. Its circulation of 30,000 copies, most of which are sold on a subscription basis, ensures wide availability and steady supply.

We also publish fifteen periodicals (magazines and journals), aimed at different age groups and covering various areas of interest, such as catechesis, spirituality, history, home, travel, trends, music and entertainment. They comprise Catholic magazines for children and youth Mavrica (Rainbow) and #Najst (#Teen), journals for pastoral workers, church singers and organists Cerkev danes (Church Today) and Cerkveni glasbenik (Church Musician), lifestyle magazine Praznična (Festive), a collection of crosswords, puzzles and entertainment Radovednež (Inquirer), history journals SLO and Zgodovina božjega ljudstva (History of the People of God), as well as translations of the international editions of Magnificat , The Word Among Us (Beseda med nami) and Communio. The range of our periodicals is rounded up by Naša luč (Our Light), Slovenski čas (Slovenian Times), Naša družina (Our Family) and Jaslice (The Crib).

Our extensive book program, which exceeds eighty new titles annually, provides interesting reading for both adults and children. It covers spirituality, fiction, philosophy, history, cultural heritage, essay writing, social issues, personal development and relations, as well as manuals and guides.

Our readership: Družina's weekly paper, perodicals and books have over 300,000 readers nationwide and abroad.

Who are we?

  • Družina Publishing House Director: Tone Rode
  • Družina Weekly Editor-in-Chief: Boštjan Debevec
  • Head of Marketing and PR: Manica Ferenc
  • Periodicals Program Coordinator: Barbara Kastelec
  • Book Program Editors: David Ahačič
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